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We talk to Catherine Atzen (founder of ATZEN) and ask her about an issue that impacts on many adults… acne.

Q: What are the causes of adult acne?

A: The 7 causes of adult acne are:

  • Drying and irritating skin care products or make up.
  • Pore-clogging skin care products or make up.
  • Not washing the skin (with appropriate cleanser) morning and night, and after sports/sweating.
  • Diet related: high sugar, fried foods, synthetics/chemicals/processed foods, intolerance to certain foods (gluten, chemicals etc.), and high levels of free radicals.
  • Stress (causes hormonal changes).
  • Poor life-style habits such as lack of sleep.
  • Acne medications tend to dry and age the skin.

Q: Three of the factors according were skin care products related. What can people do about adult acne from a products perspective?

A: Well, people can actually do quite a bit. Many skin care products on the market contain many toxic ingredients. They irritate and dry the skin. The same goes for makeup but we are not in that market. We have a line of products (PURIFY™) to treat acne whether they are adult acne or teenage acne. The products are hydrating, soothing, non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores), and non-irritating to the skin. So they are perfect for people with sensitive skin. The results are incredible!

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