7 Causes of Adult Acne

Little known fact about Catherine Atzen and her issue with Grade 4 Acne

If you look at Catherine Atzen today, you would never know she used to suffer from severe acne. She has beautiful, healthy, and flawless skin. In this week’s segment, we asked Catherine what inspired her to create the PURIFY line and she shared a fact few people know about her.

Catherine suffered from acne and dry skin from the age of 13. [Aside: The severity of acne is graded on a scale of 1 to 4 with 4 being the most severe. This acne often combines all types of acne lesion: black heads, white heads, pus-filled pimples, inflammation, and painful cysts.] She has researched and developed true solutions to control acne and avoid all side effects associated with acne. Today her skin is flawless; anyone who meets her comments on her beautiful and healthy skin, and she does not have a need to wear foundation. She developed the ATZEN PURIFY line for all the people suffering from acne. The products are natural, safe, and non-irritating and deliver results fast.

Most mass-market or over the counter products such as the ones found in drugstores, on-line/TV such as ProActiv, as well as most products found in spas and beauty stores are made with benzoyl peroxide, sodium laureth sulfate, and other inexpensive petrochemicals. Benzoyl peroxide causes free radicals, cancer cell, dryness and aging. Sodium laureth sulfate, a petrochemical-based cleansing ingredient, causes dryness and cancer cell. For people who are currently using these products, it’s not too late to stop. Use the PURIFY line of products over a few weeks and they will begin to eliminate the side effects caused by these products.

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