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Men’s Skin Care

Men’s Skin Care is often overlooked and once considered as a niche market, skincare and grooming products for men are growing in popularity! Men’s skin care is a rapidly growing market in the world and it appears that men are seeking male specific skincare products more than ever before. This article looks into what men really want and need when it comes to their skin.

It is no longer embarrassing for men to use skin care products or get a facial. A man no longer needs to reach for his partner’s moisturiser when his skin feels dry. Men are aware and are more proactive than ever before about skin care products that can help them look and feel better. The past stigma has gone, and looking healthy and well as the years pass is a desired outcome for men.

Men are purchasing skin care products for themselves. They search online for information, check brands for reviews, and seek advice for their concerns, which goes beyond razor burn. While the women in their lives are often still the influencers, for the most part, men are deciding about their skin care and increasingly we are seeing male grooming services offered, from male specific facials in spa’s and skin clinics, to the Barber Shop revival.

Last year, men’s skin care saw faster growth than any part of the men’s grooming category, with sales rising 7%, to more than $260 million, which Euromonitor (Global market intelligence publisher) analysts said was “a marked indicator of the changing nature of men’s grooming.”

The market is responding with new insights into what men want in their skin care. In order to attract the male clientele, gender-neutral packaging of products and a business is essential. Men are understandably reluctant to enter outlets or buy products that are perceived as women-only.  Globally, men’s skin care is booming, with surveys showing that men from all urban and suburban areas using male grooming products. Is your business embracing this?

As we all know men and women have different requirements – so what are the key differences between the skin of men and women? Typically men have a thicker epidermis and dermis. Men have different hormones and so differing concerns can occur – commonly we see more sebum, larger pores, more facial hair, and higher sensitivity. Because men are frequently shaving, they deal with shaving-related issues like ingrown hairs, dryness, and razor burn. A product that can balance the pH in order to protect the acid mantle is important for all skin, but will assist men with great results.

When thinking of new treatments for men, we incorporate what we know about their needs,  such as targeting concerns such as dry skin, acne (including on the back), and razor burn. Look for ranges that can address multiple concerns within one or two products as men tend towards a more simple morning/evening regime. Men want products that absorb well and don’t give shine, as well as give results.

Cleansers that reduce inflammation, support the acid mantle, and thoroughly cleanse without drying will be popular, particularly if they can be thrown in a gym bag and are gentle enough to be used more than once a day. If in-grown hairs and sun damage are problems, look into a cleanser that has lactic acid to loosen and exfoliate the dead layer of cells.

Giving men a moisturiser with a non-occlusive SPF will help with sun damage that features highly in this part of the world. A sunscreen with a high quality zinc oxide that blends easily will help to reflect UV A, B and C rays that all contribute to free radical damage.

We also know that men will typically stay very loyal to a product, unlike women, men tend to stay with a product or a brand for longer, rather than shopping around for numerous products, they will only shift if they are dissatisfied. So in conclusion, these insights further solidify the importance of getting the product right and appealing to men the first time round, establishing these needs and meeting them, will ensure a loyal target market into the future.

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