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Mix It Up: Vita C Serum Review

Renew Vita C Serum Review

Christine from Mix It Up has written a review on our awesome Vita C Serum from the Renew Collection, see it below!

Atzen Vita C Serum was my first taste of a brand that has recently entered NZ and that gives real results that are visible and backed by science and nature. I had the absolute pleasure of spending an hour with the brand’s founder and spokesperson Catherine Atzen recently – but more on that later! Atzen first sent over the Vita C Serum for review and when it arrived I knew little to nothing about the brand, a quick read over the press details and I was ripping this product out of its box and straight on my face the same night.

Vita C Serum is from Atzen’s Renew collection – Renew works on restoring radiance and clarity to the skin – great for those concerned with sun damage, pigmentation and general fine lines and wrinkles. Renew uses fruit acids, essential oils, peptides, AHA’s, stem cells and ATP to powerfully target skin concerns.

First up, I love the airless pump that Vita C is housed in, it also has a great lid lock-down system making it perfect for in-cabin use during travel. I pump 2 times, which I find is ample for the entire face and neck; and then follow up with a night cream, or in the day-time, an spf day cream and then makeup (sits like a dream under makeup btw). Obviously Vitamin C is the star here, Atzen uses a form that is 50 times better than other forms. They also use Actiglide – a quick Google tells me this is a skin conditioner and Fucogel which is a hydrating agent and Hyaluronic Acid from Mushrooms.

I must admit I don’t have a huge problem with sun damage and pigmentation, but that doesn’t stop me from trying to achieve the clearest, most glowing skin I can get! Vita C Serum has definitely helped me achieve that. My pores are smaller and clearer (Vita C exfoliates as well) and the tone of my skin is way more refined and yes, the glow is extremely noticeable! This product contains time-release Vitamin C (that works for up to 14 hours) so you can be assured its working hard day or night – depending on where you would like to fit it into your regime. It also has amazing hydrating capabilities. I would recommend this product to anyone as the benefits reach far and wide.

Find out more about our Vita C Serum here.

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