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Eye Lift Serum™

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Cellulite Away™

ATZEN Cellulite Away™ Reduces cellulite by up to 43% and reduces the size of fat cells in adults and reduces the number of fat cells in early onset, with a 5 step metabolic process and works deep to release trapped fats (TG/triglycerides), waste & toxins and stimulates healthy circulation. ATZEN’s proprietary formulations consist of high concentrations of the most active ingredients. Our products are paraben free, petrochemical free, and instead, use natural ingredients such as green tea, […]
Renew Vita C Serum Review

Mix It Up: Vita C Serum Review

Christine from Mix It Up has written a review on our awesome Vita C Serum from the Renew Collection, see it below! Atzen Vita C Serum was my first taste of a brand that has recently entered NZ and that gives real results that are visible and backed by science and nature. I had the absolute pleasure of spending an hour with the brand’s founder and spokesperson Catherine Atzen recently – but more on that later! […]