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Men’s Skin Care

Men’s Skin Care is often overlooked and once considered as a niche market, skincare and grooming products for men are growing in popularity! Men’s skin care is a rapidly growing market in the world and it appears that men are seeking male specific skincare products more than ever before. This article looks into what men really want and need when it comes to their skin. It is no longer embarrassing for men to use skin […]

Sunscreen Types and Effective Sun Protection

The topic of sunscreen is well circulated throughout the beauty industry and consumers in general.  Finding ways to enjoy the sun but still balance vitamin D levels is a hot topic, as is keeping safe and protected from the chemicals that are used in many sunscreens on the market. Believe it or not, many people choose to go without sunscreen due to concerns about the potential negative health impact some chemical sunscreen ingredients contain. They […]

7 Causes of Adult Acne

We talk to Catherine Atzen (founder of ATZEN) and ask her about an issue that impacts on many adults… acne. Q: What are the causes of adult acne? A: The 7 causes of adult acne are: Drying and irritating skin care products or make up. Pore-clogging skin care products or make up. Not washing the skin (with appropriate cleanser) morning and night, and after sports/sweating. Diet related: high sugar, fried foods, synthetics/chemicals/processed foods, intolerance to certain […]